Mellow Moose


Mellow Moose Hemp was founded in 2019 by two individuals who wanted to help people in their Pursuit of Happiness. With CBD becoming so popular and people caring about what they put into their body, our founders wanted to create an all-natural, organic, and non-GMO product that not only tasted great, but made people feel great! Derived from organically produced hemp, from either our own Mellow Moose Farm or another farm meeting our strict standards for quality control and cultivation philosophies, Mellow Moose Hemp is a morally sound choice for those who truly care about our planet.

After months of research, our founders created the perfect tincture. Once the base recipe was perfected, the idea was brought to us about adding different flavors…our peppermint and sweet orange tincture was then born. The flavored tinctures were such a hit that we experimented with cheesecake and cotton candy next, with the most popular being sweet orange. We now carry a variety of different flavors from strawberry to mango and everything in between. After realizing the popularity of our flavored tinctures, we ventured out and partnered up with a leading CBD manufacturer and created our Peppermint Pain Cream, Mango Butter Salve, and Body Butter.

Our Passion

Our passion at Mellow Moose Hemp is to help you on your own #PursuitofHappiness journey. That is what we strive for and our goal every single day. We believe in our product and the results it provides. We want to share our beliefs with our customers and inspire you to consider alternative, natural methods for your health needs.

Our Team

Everyone from the team at Mellow Moose Hemp, to individuals already on their own #PursuitofHappiness journey have seen the benefits that our CBD products have to offer. Our customers range from athletes to stay at home moms and everyone in between.

Just because its hemp doesn’t mean its good hemp, and good hemp doesn’t mean ethically grown hemp. You may not know the difference, but you can rest assured we do! That’s our job and we pride ourselves in what we produce! Mellow Moose Hemp has a desire to help you. If you are looking for an all-natural, organic and non-GMO CBD, then reach out to us and start your #PursuitofHappiness today!

Not only do we want to be your go to source for CBD products, we want to be your pets as well! We offer a tincture that is not only pet-friendly, but something your pet will beg for considering the base of the tincture is salmon oil. Our pet tincture can help your nervous pet feel less anxious and stress free, along with helping your aging pet with pain. Your pet needs our pet tincture, especially if they are known to get nervous when fireworks are going off or if their joints are aching. You can say “good-bye” to anything else you have tried in the past once your pet tries our tincture that is formulated just for your furry friend.